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This Website all the information and materials, including photographs, images, video clips, marks, logos, designs that form part of this Website shall be part of the intellectual property rights of RTH.

RTH reserves their right to correct any error or inaccuracies as well as to update information anytime without any prior notice.


  • To book a trip, please send us your duly completed booking form with deposit of 25% of the estimated cost of the trip and a motorcycle security deposit of $500, at least 60 days prior to departure date. Your trip is not booked until the form and deposit are received by RTH.
  • The rest of the amount must be paid to RTH at least prior to 45 days from the departure date.
  • If a booking is made within 45 days prior to the date of departure, then along with the booking form we would require 100% payment to confirm your trip.
  • Payment of the balance

  • RTH should receive the balance of the estimated cost of the trip at least 45 days prior to the date of departure.
  • If the balance is not paid before 45 days of the actual departure date, your booking may be cancelled & any deposit paid shall, at the absolute discretion of RTH, be forfeited to RTH under this term.
  • Passports and visas

  • Clients must carry a passport valid for a period of six months beyond the duration of the trip. It is the obligation of clients to obtain all requisite visas, permits and certificates to enable them to visit countries that they wish to visit. RTH shall not be liable in the event that a client is not able to enter a country, or is required to leave a country, as a result of the client not having the requisite visas, permits or any other applicable certificates.
  • Cancellation by the client

  • Any notice of cancellation by the client must be in writing sent by e-mail to RTH at its e-mail address & will be treat the sent date as the date of notice of cancellation.
  • In the event of cancellation more than 45 days prior to the date of the client’s departure, RTH shall be liable to refund to the client 50% of the deposit paid.
  • In the event of cancellation less than 45 days prior to the date of the client’s departure, RTH shall not be liable to refund to the client any money paid by the client although may do so in its absolute discretion.
  • Cancellation by RTH

  • RTH shall, at its discretion, be at liberty to cancel a trip if it forms the view that a trip is not viable for reasons of terrorism, natural disaster, political instability, or other external events/ factors that may have a noticeable effect on the proposed trip.
  • In the event that RTH does cancel the trip in accordance with Clause 9 above, a client shall have the choice of obtaining a full refund from RTH or applying any amount paid towards another trip offered by RTH.
  • In the event of a cancellation by RTH, it shall not be liable, in any circumstances, for any incidental costs and expenses incurred or paid by the client including, but not limited to, costs or expenses paid for visas, vaccinations, or non-refundable flights.
  • Non-transferability of booking and optional activities

  • A booking is non-transferable except with the prior written consent of RTH, and which shall be at its absolute discretion.
  • Optional activities are not included in the booking unless expressly agreed and paid for. Clients shall be liable to pay for any such optional activities.
  • Fitness to participate

  • Clients are responsible for ensuring that they are, and remain, sufficiently fit and healthy to participate in the trip booked. RTH reserves the right to require clients to produce a medical certificate to that effect. RTH strongly recommends that clients obtain medical advice to ensure they are sufficiently fit to participate.
  • Clients acknowledge that the nature of the trip is adventurous and participation involves a degree of personal risk. Further, clients may be visiting places where the political, cultural and geographical attributes present dangers and physical challenges greater than those present in clients daily lives. RTH uses information available to it to assess whether the proposed trip should operate. However, it is the clients own responsibility to acquaint him or herself with all possible relevant travel information including the nature of the itinerary and clients should satisfy themselves of any potential risks involved and should make their decisions based on their own inquiries.
  • Minimum number of participants

  • The number of participants booked on any trip not meets the minimum requirement specified by RTH, it reserves the right to cancel the trip. In that event, RTH will use its best endeavors to offer another and comparable trip. If the client does not avail him or herself of that, RTH will refund to the client all the money paid by the client to RTH.
  • Change of itinerary

  • RTH will use its best endeavors to adhere to any itinerary that is promoted or marketed by it and which the client has booked. It may be necessary, from time to time, for RTH to change aspects of the itinerary, often due to circumstances beyond its control. RTH shall not be liable for any such changes and any such changes shall not entitle the client to cancel the booking unless the changes substantially affect the trip. Clients acknowledge that groups, schedules, itineraries, amenities and modes of transport may be subject to alteration without prior notice. Further, clients shall not be entitled to any reduction in the price paid on account of such changes.
  • Tour leader

  • Whenever a tour is led by a tour leader, the decision of the tour leader shall be final on all matters likely to affect the safety or wellbeing of any person participating in the trip. The tour leader shall have the absolute discretion to require any person to leave the trip in the event that the tour leader reasonably decides that a client is failing to comply with a decision made by the tour leader or is otherwise interfering with the wellbeing of the group. In that event, the client shall not be entitled to any refund of any fees, costs or expenses paid by or on behalf of the client.
  • Compliance with laws, customs and the like

  • Clients must, at all times, comply with all laws, customs, foreign exchange and drug regulations and requirements of all countries visited.
  • Cost of tripe

  • The cost of any trip as promoted or marketed by RTH is accurate as at that date. RTH will use its best endeavors to ensure that the final cost is the same as that promoted or marketed. From time to time, it does become necessary for RTH to increase the cost of the trip often due to circumstances beyond its control. (Such as exchange rate fluctuations, increased fuel costs, taxes, insurance etc.). The client agrees to pay any such increased cost provided that at least 14 days notice of any such increase is given to the client.
  • Responsibility

  • RTH accepts no responsibility for flight delays or schedule changes that may affect the trip.
  • RTH will not be liable for unpleasant or unsuitable weather conditions and no refunds or adjustments will be made as a result of such conditions.
  • Clients are obliged to heed the provisions of local road traffic regulations and must bear any penalties, fines or similar charges including damage to a third party’s person or property attributable to their actions.
  • Drivers license and fit to ride

  • Clients who intend to ride a motorcycle provided by RTH must have a valid international motorcycle license sufficient to enable them to ride a motorcycle of similar size or larger than the motorcycle provided by RTH. Generally, RTH will provide Royal Enfield 350/500cc motorcycles, or as per client's demand which will entirely depend on availability of particular motorcycle under trip cost.
  • Clients must, upon arrival in Nepal, present their driver’s license and travel insurance to RTH, when requested. If clients are not able to present these documents when so requested, RTH shall be at liberty, at its absolute discretion, to refuse to allow clients to participate in the tour and, in that event, the clients shall not be entitled to any refund of fees.
  • RTH shall, at its discretion, be at liberty to determine that a rider is too inexperienced or otherwise unfit to ride. In that event, RTH shall have the right to assign a rider for the remainder of the tour and, in that event, the client shall pay all costs and expenses reasonably and properly incurred thereby.
  • Clients warrant that they shall not ride their motorcycles except during riding periods designated by the tour leader.
  • Insurance

  • Clients are required to take out their own personal travel medical insurance, sufficient to cover any situations that may arise. RTH reserves the right to require clients, at any time prior to departure, to provide evidence of any such insurance.
  • Travel insurance must specifically provide against personal accident, death, medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation and emergency repatriation with a recommended coverage of at least US$10,000 for each of the heads of cover. RTH also strongly recommends that insurance be taken out to cover cancellation, curtailment, personal liability and loss of baggage and personal effects.
  • Damage to motorcycles

  • RTH will ensure that all the motorcycles are comprehensively insured. However, in the event of an accident or claim, the client will be liable to pay any excess under the policy. Details of the excess will be provided on request.
  • The client acknowledges that, on hiring a motorcycle in Nepal, the client will likely be asked to agree to the following conditions, or conditions similar in substance, and the client acknowledges that, unless he or she so agrees, then it is unlikely that a motorcycle will be hired to the client:
  • “When we rent a bike for you in Nepal, we will require a photocopy of your passport, Nepal visa page, your international driving license and a security deposit of USD $500 to be paid at time of booking. One set of spare parts such as clutch cable, throttle cable, spark plug and a few nuts and bolts with wrenches will be provided without extra charge. If more sets are required the client will have to pay the additional costs. At the time of return, a thorough inspection of the bike will be performed to check any physical damage. In case of any physical damage, a repair fee will be deducted from the security deposit amount and the rest will be refunded. In case of no physical damage, the full amount of USD $500 will be refunded and passport photocopies will be returned.”

    Disclaimer of liability

  • Except to the extent that is provided by law, RTH, its servants and agents, shall not be liable for personal injury, death, damage to property or any other claims howsoever arising from the trip, including any optional activities, claims arising from the negligence or perceived negligence on their part.
  • The client acknowledges that RTH contracts with a network of companies, agencies and individuals to assist in the running of the tours. The client acknowledges that RTH has no control over the acts or omissions of such organizations or individuals. The client shall not hold RTH liable for any loss, damage, injury or death caused by the acts or omissions of such organizations or individuals and the client hereby releases unconditionally and forever discharges RTH from any such liability.
  • Acceptance of risk

  • Clients acknowledge that the trip booked is an adventure trip such that, of necessity, it involves risks and dangers that may otherwise not arise.
    Clients acknowledge that the trip booked is an adventure trip such that, of necessity, it involves risks and dangers that may otherwise not arise. Clients have booked the trip for that specific purpose and in that knowledge.
  • Medical treatment/evacuation

  • In the event of urgent medical treatment or emergency evacuation being required, as determined by RTH in its absolute discretion, RTH shall have the right, without consultation with the client, to arrange same and the client shall be liable for any costs and expenses reasonably incurred by RTH in connection therewith.
  • Photographs and videos

    Photographs, videos and other filming produced by RTH or its representatives during the course of the tour are the property of RTH.
    RTH shall be at liberty to use the material for promotional and advertising purposes, including images in which individual tour participants can be recognized and RTH shall not be liable to pay clients any fees or charges for the use of such material.


  • Clients have made the booking of their own free will and not in reliance upon any representations made by RTH, its servants or agents other than particulars of the itinerary and any information set out in RTH’s written material.
  • RTH has made reasonable endeavors to ensure that the statements made by it in relation to the trips are accurate at the time when they are made. However, RTH shall not be liable for any error or unintentional misrepresentation that may occur.